Eric Hatungimana


Eric Hatungimana

Advisor: Dr. Peter Erickson

Agricultural Sciences - Ph.D.

Research Topic: Utilization of wet brewers’ grains in the diet of dairy heifers and improving the shelf-life of brewers' grains

Brewers grains are residues of brewery industry which uses malted barley as feed stock to produce beer; primarily the starch is utilized, leaving behind a protein rich residue locally known as “beer waste”. Due to their high moisture content, improper storage of wet brewers’ grains often leads to large loss of dry matter and nutrients, characterized by an unpleasant odor and even stimulates mold growth which produce different kinds of mycotoxins. My research focuses on improving the shelf-life of brewers grains by using commercial preservatives containing microbial inoculants, and the common salt. In vitro digestibility of brewers grains will be measured and we intend to evaluate the growth performance of dairy heifers when brewers grains partially replace the corn and soybean meal in their diet.