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  • NREN Flannel Friday

    NREN's Flannel Friday Showdown

  • NREN Flannel Friday

    NREN's Flannel Friday Showdown

  • Manalo & McDowell

    Dr. Alberto Manalo and Dr. Bill McDowell pose for Flannel Friday!

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A photo of a red fox captured by a camera trap in New Hampshire

UNH Study Examines How Granite State Mammals Adapt to Exurbanization

Researchers used camera-trap system across Southeastern NH to monitor mammal behaviors
Key Finding: In a study of the activity of 12 mammal species in rural versus suburban areas in New Hampshire, researchers found that bobcats and lagomorphs (rabbits and hares) reduced their activity in suburban areas, while deer and coyotes shifted to being more active at night. The study results highlight how mammals change their behavior in complex ways to adapt to growing suburban...
UNH student Georgi Fischer cross country skiing with her dog

Taking the Climate Crisis to the Courts

UNH student is a plaintiff in first constitutional climate lawsuit in the country
Georgianna (Georgi) Fischer ’24 was 17 when she became one of the plaintiffs in Held v. Montana, the first constitutional climate lawsuit in U.S. history. The case was filed in March 2020 by Our Children's Trust on behalf of 16 residents of Montana, then aged 2 through 18, and argues that the state's support of the fossil fuel industry has worsened the effects of climate change on their lives,...
In the foreground, a woman looks at a tree up close. In the background, a woman looks at a clipboard with notes.

A Look at UNH’s Potentially Blight-resistant American Chestnut Plot

UNH Chestnut garden helps scientists find solutions to century-old Chestnut blight
Key Facts: There were once nearly four billion American chestnut (Castanea dentata) trees in the Eastern United States. It was among the largest and tallest trees in the region. During Colonial America, the American chestnut was highly valued for its resistance to rot. It was used for everything from log cabin foundations to flooring to caskets. Later on, it was used for railroad ties and...

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