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  • NREN Flannel Friday

    NREN's Flannel Friday Showdown

  • NREN Flannel Friday

    NREN's Flannel Friday Showdown

  • Manalo & McDowell

    Dr. Alberto Manalo and Dr. Bill McDowell pose for Flannel Friday!

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  • Assistant Professor Rem Moll spots his first moose in Barlett Experimental Forest
    Monday, March 18, 2024
    Hired at the height of COVID, the assistant professor of wildlife ecology and management talks about his background, influences and one thing few people know about him
    Life might have been very different for Remington (Rem) Moll, assistant professor in the department of natural resources and the environment, if a leg injury suffered in his junior year of college hadn’t derailed his plans to become a professional athlete. But fortunately, Moll — who, along with his brother, was one of the first two people in his family to complete college — had already begun to...
  • Researcher David Moore collecting sap from beech trees in a forested area. Snow covers the ground. David crouches next to a bucket.
    Wednesday, March 13, 2024
    NHAES research studies producing syrups from non-maple trees
    Long before the snow melts and the heavy coats get stored for the season, the quintessential signs that spring is not too far away in New Hampshire are maple trees that become dotted with buckets and the coming alive of the sugar shacks that have been hibernating for many months. In 2022, three New England states—Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont—and New York were in the top six states producing...
  • A young fisher walks across a snowy opening in the forest.
    Monday, February 12, 2024
    New England fisher populations are declining; UNH to study possible causes
    A member of the weasel family, the fisher (Pekania pennanti) lives only in North America and is highly valued for its fur. A combination of habitat loss and over trapping led to the near extinction of the fisher (sometimes referred to as a fisher cat) in the early 1900s. And while trapping limits (two per season in the Granite State) and reintroduction programs have helped bolster their numbers...
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  • UNH student Olivia Camara
    Pursuing Two Passions, Preparing for Success
    Agriculture and photography may not seem like common combined passions, but they are for Olivia Camara ’24, who is a sustainable agriculture and food systems major with a focus on dairy management from Acushnet, Massachuetts. “I have been taking photographs for about 8 years now and showing beef…
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  • UNH nutrition student Caroline Williams
    On Her Way to Becoming a Registered Dietitian
    Caroline Williams is a nutrition: dietetics major from Danbury, Connecticut. While excelling in both her studies and extracurricular activities, she has also found time to run two marathons while an undergraduate.
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  • A photo of COLSA student Olivia Boyan
    Characterizing Moose Vocalizations for Passive Acoustic Monitoring
    Olivia Boyan is a zoology major from Hartford, Connecticut. COLSA: Tell us about your research in as non-technical language as possible. Olivia Boyan: For our research, we’re seeking to quantitatively characterize moose vocalizations to use for a passive acoustic detector, which can monitor populations without physically disturbing their…
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  • UNH student Noah Hopkins on the beach
    Harnessing his own experience to build a career helping others
    Noah Hopkins ’24 is a nutrition and wellness major from Bath, Maine. A type 1 diabetes diagnosis when he was 4 years old has fueled Noah’s interest in health and nutrition, and his experience at UNH is preparing him for a career helping people living with the disease.
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  • Grace Walker with a horse
    Preparing for a career in the equine industry
    Grace Walker is an equine industry and management major and a member of the UNH Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) team. She is from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
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