Graduate Program Information

M.S. Graduate students select a committee composed of the faculty member under whose direction it was written and two other members of the graduate faculty nominated by the department chairperson or graduate program coordinator and appointed by the dean of the Graduate School.

A total of 30 credit hours are needed to complete a master's program. Additional coursework is to be chosen by the graduate student, in conjunction with the major professor and the student's advisory committee.

Special Student Credits: A maximum of 12 credits completed by a special student in UNH graduate courses may be applied to a student’s degree program.

Transfer Credit: A maximum of 8 credits earned at the graduate level and completed on the campus of an accredited institution authorized to grant graduate degrees, may be transferred to count toward their graduate program.

All graduate work for any master's degree must be completed within six years from the date of matriculation (enrollment following admission) in the program.