Graduate Student Profiles

Simone Chapman
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Ashcraft
Research TopicThe Future of Dams

wildcat statue

Linnea Dwyer
Advisor: Dr. Russell Congalton
Research Topic: Sampling Simulations for Assessing the Accuracy of U.S. Agricultural Crop Mapping from Remotely Sensed Imagery

Julia Jones

Julia Jones
Advisor: Dr. Alberto Manalo
Research Topic: Agricultural Commissions and Rural Development in New Hampshire 


Rhys Brydon-Williams

Advisor: Dr. Heidi Asbjornsen
Research Topic: Estimating Proliferation and Distribution of the Chaga Fungus (Inonotus obliquus) in the White Mountains National Forest


Chad Hammer

Advisor: Dr. John Gunn
Research Topic: Ecosystem service impacts and movement of terrestrial invasive plants in New England riparian forests.

Jack Hastings
Advisor: Dr. Scott Ollinger
Research Topic: Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

Caroline Kanaskie
Dr. Jeff Garnas
Research Topic: Southern pine beetle dynamics and range expansion

Bennett Thompson
Dr. Stuart Grandy
Research Topic: Nitrogen cycling in agroecosystems

Shana Whitney
Advisor: Dr. Serita Frey
Research Topic: Soil microbial ecology and biogeochemistry

Eliza Balch

Eliza Balch
Advisor: Dr. Wil Wollheim
Research Topic: Aquatic biogeochemistry
The role of dams and dam removal in aquatic Nitrogen cycling


Daniel Bolster

Daniel Bolster
Advisor: Dr. Wil Wollheim
Research Topic: Stream Biogeochemistry

Erica Holm
Advisor: Dr. Adrienne Kovach & Matthew Tarr
Research Topic: Use of transmission line rights-of-way and New England cottontail clearcuts by adult and fledgling songbirds during the breeding and post-breeding periods.