Farrington fund travel scholarship guidelines and templates

Graduate Student Travel Sponsored by the Farrington Fund

General Information:

The Fund will reimburse individual graduate students giving a presentation or paper only (general attendance and workshops are not eligible). Simply hanging a poster at a meeting is not a presentation. However, participating in a poster session in which the student presents their poster to an audience for some given time period is acceptable.

The Fund will reimburse for the following expenses:

  • Transportation
  • Registration
  • Lodging and meals

>>> The Fund will reimburse a maximum of $1,000 (1 trip per student per degree).

The student must also attempt to obtain funding from other sources such as advisor, the Graduate School, or elsewhere and document this effort. Farrington Funds are limited, and it is possible that not every request is granted.

Only currently enrolled graduate students may receive such support, with the following exception. Students completing an MS degree in four or fewer semesters or a PhD (post-Masters) in six or fewer semesters may be supported to present thesis-related research at professional meetings that take place within eight (8) months of their date of graduation. (This exception ensures that students are not penalized as a consequence of completing their degree requirements within the expected time period.)


The graduate student must send a written request via email to the current chair of the Farrington
Fund at least one month before the trip. The request should provide the following information:

  1. The name of the conference/meeting and location.
  2. The name of the presentation/paper being given.
  3. A statement listing other sources of funding (proof of application for funding is sufficient).
  4. A budget of approximate expenses for the trip.

The student’s advisor must provide an email to the chair of the Farrington Fund, confirming the student’s participation as a presenter at the meeting (student should facilitate this email).

The Chair of the Farrington Fund will provide written approval via email of the request and explain procedures for getting reimbursed. (No cash advances are permitted by the Farrington Fund.)