Genetics (Minor)

Genetics (Minor)

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What is genetics?

Genetics is the study of how DNA, along with the environment, specifies simple traits like hair color to more complex traits like high blood pressure, diabetes and mental illness. Geneticists are also interested in how these traits are inherited and regulated. Genetics is a very broad field of study, encompassing topics such as evolution, genetic engineering, genomics, bioinformatics, and the genetics of microbes, plants and animals.This minor can help you prepare for work in biotechnology fields or for entry into graduate school or health professional programs.

Why study genetics at UNH?

Students in the genetics minor interact with faculty committed to excellence in teaching, research and student advising.Our teaching labs provide hands-on training in current research techniques. Genetics faculty conduct research on diverse topics including evolution, gene structure and function, host-microbe interactions, genome sequencing and analysis, heredity,and diversity in populations.

Potential career areas

  • Biotechnology
  • Forensic science
  • Genetic counseling
  • Healthcare Research


Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences
Rudman Hall
46 College Road
Durham, NH 03824

Curriculum & Requirements

Students in other majors who wish to develop a focus in the area of genetics and genomics can complement their major academic program with a minor in genetics. 

The minor consists of a minimum of 20 credits, completed with a grade of C-minus or better. 

No more than 8 credits used to fulfill major requirements may be used for the minor.

A C average (2.00) is required in courses that the minor department approves.

A maximum of 4 credits of GEN 795 Investigations in Genetics may be used to fulfill minor requirements.

Pass/fail courses cannot be used for the minor.

It is the student’s responsibility to file an Intent to Minor form with the GEN minor advisor by the end of the junior year and to complete a Certification of Completion of Minor form during their final semester at UNH.

Required Course

GEN 604Principles of Genetics4

Choose at least one Transmission/Population Genetics course and one Molecular Genetics course. To reach the minimum of 20 credits for the minor, 4 credits of GEN 795 Investigations in Genetics may be used.

Transmission/Population Genetics Courses (Choose at least One)

GEN 705Population Genetics3
GEN 725Population Genetics Lab2
GEN 706Human Genetics4
GEN 713Microbial Ecology and Evolution4
GEN 715Molecular Evolution4
GEN 772Evolutionary Genetics of Plants4
NR 664Conservation Genetics4

Molecular Genetics Courses (Choose at least One)

GEN 704Genetics of Prokaryotic Microbes5
GEN 711Genomics and Bioinformatics4
GEN 712Programming for Bioinformatics5
GEN 717Molecular Microbiology5
GEN 721Comparative Genomics4
GEN 771Molecular Genetics4
GEN 774Techniques in Plant Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology4
BMCB 754Molecular Biology Research Methods5

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