Faculty and Staff Awards


Faculty Awards

Name Award Type Year
Lou Tisa Faculty Excellence in International Engagement 2018
Stephanie Brown COLSA Excellence in Teaching Award 2018
Timothy Montminy COLSA Outstanding Advisor Award 2018
Timothy Montminy Excellence in Teaching 2017
Rick Cote Distinguished Professor Award 2016
Stacia Sower Award for Excellence in Research 2016
Joanne Curran-Celentano Faculty Excellence Award in Public Service 2015
Jesse Stabile Morrell COLSA Outstanding Advisor 2015
Vern Reinhold Society for Glycobiology Rosalind Kornfeld Award 2015
Michelle Fleetwood COLSA Teaching Excellence 2014
Thomas Laue Innovator of the Year Award 2014
David Townson Outstanding Associate Professor 2014

Joanne Burke

Thomas W. Haas Professor in Sustainable Food Systems 2013
Feixia Chu Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Award 2013
Kevin Culligan Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Award 2013
Subhash Minocha Excellence in International Engagement 2013
Paul Tsang COLSA Outstanding Advisor 2013
Joyce Stone COLSA Excellence in Teaching 2013
Joanne Burke Excellence in Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Award 2012
Stacia Sower Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2012
Anthony Tagliaferro COLSA Excellence in Teaching 2012
Joanne Burke 27th annual Women's Commission Award 2011
Debbie Luppold Maynard and Audrey Heckel Extension Educator Fellowship Award 2011
Joyce Stone COLSA Outstanding Advisor 2011
Kelley Thomas Excellence in Research 2011
Vaughn Cooper Outstanding Assistant Professor 2010
Jesse Stabile Morrell COLSA Excellence in Teaching 2010
Adele Marone COLSA Outstanding Advisor 2009
Thomas Laue The Carpenter Professorship 2008
David Townson COLSA Outstanding Advisor 2008
Charles Walker Jean Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching 2007
Anthony Tagliaferro COLSA Outstanding Advisor 2007
Thomas Pistole Distinguished Professor 2006
Gale Carey Jean Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching 2005
Thomas Laue Excellence in Research 2004
Frank G. Rodgers COLSA Excellence in Teaching 2004
Ruth Reilly COLSA Excellence in Teaching 2003
Clyde Dennis Excellence in Research 2002
Andrew Laudano COLSA Excellence in Teaching 2002
Subhash Minocha Distinguished Professor 2002
Stacia Sower COLSA Excellence in Teaching 1998
Samuel Smith Distinguished Professor 1996
Subhash Minocha Excellence in Public Service 1995
Thomas Laue Outstanding Associate Professor 1994
Charles Walker COLSA Excellence in Teaching 1993
Stacia Sower Excellence in Public Service 1991

Staff Awards

Name Award Type Year
Laurie Westover COLSA Staff Excellence - Professionalism 2013
Celeste Dietterle COLSA Staff Excellence 2012
Meg Coburn COLSA Staff Excellence Award 2011
Robert Mooney COLSA Staff Excellence 2009
Rob Gibson COLSA Staff Excellence 2008
Cynthia Lewis Presidential Award of Excellence 2007