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Papers for First Quiz

These are the articles that will be covered on the first quiz, which will be on Tuesday July 26; please read both these articles before you arrive at Shoals. If you are confused about anything or have questions, write them down: there will be a chance to ask questions BEFORE the quiz.

Petraitis, P.S., Dudgeon, S.R. Declines over the last two decades of five intertidal invertebrate species in the western North Atlantic. Communications Biology 3:591 (2020).
Link to article (open access):

Denny, M. 1995. Survival in the surf zone. American Scientist 83(2):166-173.
Link to article: (you may need to be inside the UNH system to access)

As you read, keep these points in mind:

  1. You don't need to understand (let alone memorize!) all the details. Focus on the main questions and conclusions, and pay attention to how the work was done (methods).
  2. Keep track of your QUESTIONS: anything in the paper you don't understand, but also your own thoughts and ideas about what this work might mean, ways it could be extended or improved, or how it might connect to other areas. Science isn't just a big pile of facts or known answers: it's about learning to ask good questions and come up with new ideas to test.
  3. Please don't stress. Individual quizzes aren't worth a ton of points. Besides, if you were already an expert and knew all the terminology and understood 100% of the science, you'd be wasting your time taking this class. Do your best, and then we'll see where everyone is and take it from there.

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