Mission Statement

Shared federal and state funding is allocated to the state agricultural experiment stations to support a functional capacity to ensure that unique state and regional research needs may be appropriately addressed, in addition to the overarching national needs and priorities. As such, we operate under the umbrella of the national network of State Agricultural Experiment Stations, while paying particular attention to the needs and wellbeing of the relatively small-scale and highly diversified agricultural operations within New Hampshire and New England. Our agricultural industry is tightly coupled to associated natural resources and with the close rural-urban interfaces that characterize New England. This combination presents a unique set of circumstances relative to other areas of the country.

The mission of the national State Agricultural Experiment Stations is to undertake research toward generating knowledge and technology to support a highly diversified agricultural and natural resource system that produces, processes and delivers food, fiber, forest products, and myriad environmental services for our citizens. We do this in the context of protecting environmental quality, and helping to maintain the viability of rural communities. Both basic and applied research are supported to ensure that we address shorter and longer-term needs. At NHAES we strongly believe that each is required to achieve excellence in advancing our goals.

NHAES works to address the six national Agricultural Experiment Station goals:

  • Advances the competitiveness of American agriculture.
  • Bolsters the U.S. economy.
  • Enhances the safety of the nation’s food supply.
  • Improves the nutrition and well-being of American citizens.
  • Sustains natural resources and the environment.
  • Builds energy independence.