News Story Idea or Event Promotion Form

The NH Agricultural Experiment Station always is looking to tell the story of a research project and its impact and to help our scientists promote their engagement with stakeholders around the state and region. Specifically, we want to hear about:

  • Large grants and awards
  • Notable research results, including those published in peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as announcements of new research projects and the status of on-going projects.
  • Public service and outreach projects and events.
  • New partnerships with state agencies and industry.
  • Attendance at important meetings and conferences at which you present your research.
  • Outstanding students involved with NHAES research or community outreach projects.
  • Appointments to professional societies and awards.
  • Testimony before congress and other legislative bodies.
  • Photos of field research.

And you're always encouraged to pitch ideas about your colleagues, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows working in your or other labs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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