Employment Opportunities at NHAES

Many of the research projects and student training and development opportunities depend on the high quality of research facilities that are managed by the NH Agricultural Experiment Station. The staff that support those research facilities play a direct role in ensuring the success of scientific discoveries and innovations that will help New Hampshire communities overcome critical challenges and capture important opportunities in their food, fiber, and fuel systems. 

A career with the NH Agricultural Experiment Station enables you to play a direct role in the agricultural, food, environmental, and natural resource research development and workforce training missions at the University of New Hampshire. You won't just work on a farm, dairy, or greenhouse. Your work will be key to helping answer questions that impact every New Hampshire community and beyond.

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A member of CREAM feeding calves at the Fairchild Dairy Research Center
Work with Animals

Help care for more than 300 cows, as well as small livestock, located at two dairy farms.

Researchers pick kiwiberries at the Woodman Horticultural Farm
Work with Plants

Support agriculture and crop research located at our greenhouses and two crop farms.

A researcher works with plants in the UNH greenhouses
Support Innovative Research

Work with UNH researchers to implement and manage diverse, practical, forward-looking agricultural research.

A photo of a member of the public feeding cows
Serve the Public

Whether it's through events, facility tours, our other engagement opportunities, you'll work with the general public to help promote the exciting research taking place at NHAES!

Employment opportunities

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