Distinguished Alumni Award - Adrien Finzi

Adrien Finzi

Distinguished Alumni 2011

1990 BS in Environmental Conservation

Adrien Finzi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at Boston University.  He is an expert in climate change science with a particular emphasis on the role of forests in regulating atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, the principal driver of climate change.

In his 12th year at Boston University, Dr. Finzi is engaged in a number of educational and research efforts.  He was instrumental in developing a new, interdisciplinary PhD Program in Terrestrial Biogeoscience and currently serves as the Program Chair.  He has taught a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in ecology and biogeochemistry.  He serves as the Chair of the Biology Department's Promotion and Tenure committee Boston University, co-chairs the Dean of the College of Arts and Science's working group on Earth System Science, and is the co-director of the Boston University Stable Isotope Laboratory.  Dr. Finzi served as the Chair of the Biogescience Section of the Ecological Society of America.  He has also participated external reviews of science programs for the National Science Foundation and US Department of Energy. 

A passionate advocate for the environment, Dr. Finzi is interested in bringing science education to all, especially the youngest (preK-12) who he hopes will thoughtfully steward the planet through a major climatic and environmental transition in the 21st century.  Dr. Finzi graduated with a BS in Environmental Conservation from UNH in 1990.  Inspired by the work of UNH professor and ecologist, Dr. Thomas D. Lee, Dr. Finzi dedicated himself to a career in environmental science after taking Dr. Lee's course in Terrestrial Plant Ecology in the fall semester of 1987.

Dr. Finzi is married to Amy Kershaw, MPA, and has two sons, Miles and Lucas, both of whom are matriculated in the Brookline Public Schools.