Specimen Supplies & Shipping

 Supply Order Form

Fillable form can be faxed to 603 862-0179 or emailed to nh.vdl@unh.edu

Shipping Labels

Pre-addressed labels for FedEx and UPS are available at a reduced rate for NHVDL clients. These services will bring samples to the lab in a rapid, reliable and trackable manner and help ensure specimen integrity.  We also have labels available for the USPS.  Label options can be found on our order form.



Reduced Rate Courier Labels

  • UPS Next Day (next day from anywhere in the country): $13
  • UPS Ground (overnight from most of New England): $8
  • FedEx Priority Overnight(next day from anywhere in the country): $15
  • USPS: $4

Pre-addressed labels may be used for multiple samples with a weight limit of 5 pounds.  Additional charges may apply if packages are over 5 pounds.  FedEx & UPS delivery available Monday through Friday. Overnight and Next Day shipments will arrive the next business day.  No Saturday deliveries.  Ground deliveries generally arrive overnight from most places in New England.   USPS packages are received Monday through Saturday.


Individual specimen collection supplies or kits are available.   See order form for complete list.

Specimen Supply Kits                           

  Note: Shipping labels are sold separately from the specimen packs. Multiple specimens may be packaged per single shipping label. This is more cost-effective and convenient for packaging.

The microbiology kit is to be used with an outer crush proof corrugated cardboard box with the UN3373 label applied to the outside to comply with proper Category B packaging.   (See shipping instructions below)                           

Sending Specimens

Step 1:  Place Samples in Your Choice of Package

You have the option of using any box, Tyvec bag, or clinpak/overpack you choose. Remember, you can place as many specimens in the package, up to 5 pounds. The more specimens per box saves you money.  Packaging must be leak proof. Specific packaging requirements exist for regulated materials.

Step 2:  Apply Courier Label

Apply your preferred courier label. When including microbiology specimens in the package use a corrugated card board box as your outer container and apply the UN 3373 label* to the outside. 

*UN3373 is for Biological Substances Category B. These include most common clinical  microbiology specimens. If your specimen is likely to contain a "high consequence" Category A agent please contact the lab.  Additional information regarding Category A and Category B agents is included below.

Step 3:  Give To Your Courier or call for Pick Up

FedEx: 1-800.GoFedEx  (1-800-463-3339)
UPS: 1-800-PICK-UPS  (1-800-742-5877)
USPS: Place package with your regular mail pick up or drop off at local post office

US Postal Service is received daily Monday - Friday and Saturdays.
UPS and FedEx are received daily Monday - Friday.

Category A & B Agents

*Note:  UN3373 is for Biological Substances Category B. These include most common clinical  microbiology specimens. If your specimen is likely to contain a "high consequence" Category A agent please contact the lab. 

49 CFR 173.199, IATA Section 3.6.2

Biological Substance, Category B means an infectious substance that is not in a form generally capable of causing permanent disability or life-threatening or fatal disease in otherwise healthy humans or animals when exposure to it occurs. This includes Category B infectious substances transported for diagnostic or investigational purposes.

Packaging Requirements

Both regulations 49 CFR (173.199) and IATA ( require that packages containing Biological Substance, Category B are "triple-packed." Triple packaging consists of a primary receptacle, a secondary packaging, and a rigid outer packaging.

Marking Requirements

Packages containing Biological Substance, Category B must be clearly marked "Biological Substance, Category B."
The package must also be marked with the identification number "UN3373" in a square-on-point configuration.
The name, address, and telephone number of a person knowledgeable about the shipment must also be included either on a written document or on the outer packaging.

Packaging Guide

49 CFR 173.199, IATA Section 3.6.2

Please contact the lab prior to shipping something that is likely to contain a Category A agent.  Biological Substance, Category A are not accepted by UPS or Postal Service (only FedEx) and require specific packaging and handling.  We would be happy to work with you to ensure safe handling and that the specimen is shipped to the appropriate lab.

Here is a list of category A agents.