Submission of Specimens

Specimens must be submitted to the NHVDL by a practicing veterinarian, state or local regulatory official, or a state extension agent. Poultry specimens may be submitted by animal owners with prior approval by the diagnostic laboratory.

For questions about submission of specimens, appropriate sample selection and preservation and shipping requirements, call the lab at 603-862-2726.

US Postal Service is received daily, Monday - Friday and Saturdays
UPS and FedEX are received daily, Monday - Friday

Reporting Results

Results of tests or examinations are reported only to the submitting veterinarian or regulatory official. Results of most tests are reported immediately upon completion by email, fax or phone. For those wanting 'hard copies,' reports are mailed via USPS.

Reportable Diseases

Diagnostic laboratories are required to report the diagnoses of certain infectious diseases to state and/or federal regulatory officials. Referring veterinarians will be notified if reports to regulatory officials are made.