Frequently Asked Questions

The Thompson School of Applied Science (TSAS) is an academic unit of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture and offers the Associate Degree program at the University of New Hampshire.  UNH also offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees.  UNH is one of 11 land-grant institutions that offers an associate degree program on a University campus.

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

University of New Hampshire

In general the Thompson School is looking for a C/C+ average or better. Submitting SAT/ACT scores is optional.

Students interested in applying to the Thompson School must submit the UNH Common Application.  The Common App can be completed online until April 1.  After April 1, students must download the forms from the UNH website and submit them in paper to the UNH Office of Admissions.  The Thompson School has rolling admissions and will accept applications for the fall until July 1.  For more information about Admission to the Thompson School visit our Admissions page.

UNH Common Application

UNH Office of Admissions


Tuition, fees, room and board are determined by the University of New Hampshire's Board of Trustees. Visit the UNH website for more information.  The Thompson School also has its own one-time only curriculum specific fees.  Information about these fees can be found in the UNH Undergraduate Catalog.

UNH website

UNH Undergraduate Catalog

Thompson School students are UNH students and therefore live with all other UNH students.  There is no specific dorm where TSAS students live, they can be found all over campus.  UNH guarantees housing for the first two years for all matriculated students.


Thompson School students can do everything at UNH, except play NCAA Division 1 and 1AA Sports.  It is a NCAA rule that a student must be enrolled in a four-year degree program in order to play Division 1 or 1AA sports.  All other sports groups/teams are available to Thompson School students.

Yes, interested students may take courses through UNH’s Continuing Education without being a matriculated student.  Courses are paid for by the credit.

UNH’s Continuing Education

Currently the Thompson School offers very few courses in the evening.  Typically one or two are offered each semester.   Most courses are scheduled during the day time.  The Thompson School has only a few select online courses at this time, most courses are held in the classroom or various lab settings.  Our online course selection may expand in the future.

Many Thompson School students do transfer into a four year degree program after they complete their associate degree. Students who wish to transfer to a UNH baccalaureate degree program must complete a simple Associate to Bachelor Degree Transfer Form and Transfer Exit Questionnaire (they do not re-do the Common Application) and are considered on their academic work.  Special attention is paid to a student’s cumulative GPA in courses numbered 400 or higher.  There is no application fee.

All credits from the Thompson School transfer (with the exception of TSAS Math Courses) to a UNH baccalaureate program, but may not necessarily fulfill the student’s new major requirements or Discovery requirements (except for COM 209 which will fulfill the ENGL 401 requirement). Completion of a bachelor’s degree after graduating with an associate degree may take longer than 2 years. In general the majority of students who set out to earn a bachelor’s degree take longer than 4 years to complete degree requirements.

Students may also seek to transfer to a four-year program before completing their associate degree; however if students were not admissible to a four-year program at UNH directly out of high school they will need a minimum of 2 semesters of solid college level work before the UNH Admissions Office will consider their transfer form. The Thompson School also offers a Transfer Meeting every semester for students interested in learning more about transfer opportunities.