Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences

  • Matt MacManes standing in his lab.
    At their core, the findings of recent research led by Matt MacManes seem obvious: Males and females are different. Yet the work disrupts a long-held gender bias within experimental science. Learn More
  • Jasmin Beateu describing her poster
    In 1991, COLSA faculty recognized that an increasing number of undergraduate students were conducting research in faculty labs. Donna Brown, founding director of the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, and COLSA faculty member Wayne Fagerberg decided that students should have the experience of a professional scientific conference where they could showcase research in collaboration with faculty mentors. See scences from this year's conference. Learn More
  • Yusuf Ebrahim
    Yusuf Ebrahim '17 (above) and classmate Bria Frehner ’17 have been researching the role tumor-suppressant protein p53 plays in the formation of cancer. Learn More
  • Students looking at Xena
    Meet Xena, the life-like cadaver, our latest addition to the Human Anatomy Lab. Watch the video. Learn More
  • Rick Cote, professor of biochemistry, recently received the Faculty Excellence Distinguished Professor Award for 2016. Learn More
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Our strength in biochemistry, genomics, microbiology, nutrition and the biomedical sciences at both the basic and applied levels creates the foundation for students at all levels to explore the wonders of the Life Sciences. With our new organization, we anticipate growth in our research competitiveness and emergence of new course offerings, particularly in the fields of genetics, bioinformatics and clinical medicine. We already have strong linkages with our new Biological Sciences department and expect new initiatives such as biosafety to emerge. With Agriculture at the center of our college, we are committed to our outreach mission to the State of New Hampshire.

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