Saddleback Mountain

Located in Deerfield NH, the Saddleback Mountain tract (277 acres) has been owned by the University since 1958. It is home to one of the transmitting towers owned by NH Public television. This property is part of the Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative which consists of owners including NH Fish and Game, DRED, and the Town of Northwood. The surrounding woodlands host a number of attractive wildlife habitat elements including frontage on the upper Lamprey River and areas of prime deer-yard habitat. This property has been confirmed as a northern Goshawk nesting site and has been used for study by researchers from the USDA Forest Service.

As a watershed to the origins of the Lamprey river, Saddleback has been recognized for its research importance in the past through several water quality monitoring projects. More recently, an EPSCOR funded research station was installed to measure a variety of ecosystem variables.

This lot is periodically harvested as part of UNH’s sustainable timber harvesting program. The last commercial harvest on this property was in 2004. The variation in terrain, relative proximity to campus and level of management activity make this property unique and it is frequently visited by forest management classes.

This property is multi-use so is open to the public for most forms of non-motorized recreation including hunting, fishing and all forms of pedestrian traffic.