Lovell River: Directions

Compartment A & B

Take the Spaulding Turnpike north to Center Ossipee, (approx. 48 miles). Take a left at Pine Hill Road. Follow the gravel road until it changes to a newly paved section on a sharp corner adjacent to a white house on the right. Turn left on an old town road. Follow this road to a large red oak on the left side, marked with three red blazes. A stake with "UNH" in a pile of stones is placed at the base of the tree.

APPROXIMATE LOCATION: N 43°46.945', W 71°11.059'

Compartment C & D

Take the Spaulding Turnpike north to Center Ossipee (approx. 48 miles). Turn left directly across from a golf course, just past the lane dividers. Follow the gravel road under the power lines and continue until you reach the landing, located just beyond the abandoned railroad tracks.

APPROXIMATE LOCATION: N 43°46.457', W 71°10.063'