Kingman Farm


Kingman Farm
This picture was taken in June 1998 from Route 155 overlooking the Kingman Farm fields.

Kingman Farm is located on Route 155 in Madbury, New Hampshire. This property contains 334 acres of which 234 is woodland, including a small portion of wetlands. There is an extensive trail system which runs throughout the property which is ideal for mountain biking, hiking, or running. This land is also used for educational field experience for the UNH Department of Natural Resources and the Environment..


The University of New Hampshire acquired the Kingman Farm in 1961, and they have consistently promoted preservation, sustainability, improvement, and recreation ever since. 

Present Uses

The woodlands on Kingman Farm are used extensively for educational and research purposes. Kingman farm is home to a number of permanent Continuous Forest Inventory plots as well as a Marteloscope, a field training tool that allows forestry students to simulate stand growth and progression.

There are already three plantations at Kingman Farm, pitch pine, red spruce and white pine with plans for a fourth. In spring of 2016 an American chestnut plantation will be planted.

The primary recreational uses of the Kingman Farm are mountain biking, hiking, jogging, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. There are also periodic mountain bike race series, running and snowshoe races.