Rhiannon Fenstermaker '98

RhiannonFenstermakerThe Dinner Goddess

Food Service Management (now Culinary Arts and Nutrition) alum Rhiannon Fenstermaker describes the small school atmosphere of the Thompson School, her helpful faculty and starting her own business as "The Dinner Goddess".

My name is Rhiannon Fenstermaker and I grew up locally in a small town and my passion is cooking!   I loved my experience at the Thompson School!  I had really great teachers who truly cared about their students and their futures.  They even spent time with each student individually if it was needed.  My favorite part about the Thompson School was its size.  Since I graduated from a small class in high school, I did not want to be just another “number” out there on the main campus, so the Thompson School was a perfect fit.  The school is small enough that you do not get overwhelmed by big campus life and being enrolled in a small program offered more one on one training and helped me to excel in school.  I loved my work experience and the curriculum in my program.  It was also easy to make friends given the nature of the coursework and the small size of the classes. 

The Thompson School gave me a lot of guidance, while I was enrolled and even after graduation.  My teachers helped me decide what options and directions would best suit me for my future career.  My faculty definitely helped prepare me for my job in the culinary field.  I think it was my teachers that helped push me toward my goals, offering me advice when I asked for it and encouraging me when I needed it.  Since I was headed right into the workforce after graduation, I definitely had questions, ideas and reservations about my life after school was finished. It was extremely helpful to me that my teachers remained open and accessible to me, even after graduation. 

Now I’ve started my own business and am currently working as a personal chef.   My goal for the future is to be successful in my business as an entrepreneur with “The Dinner Goddess”.  It’s important to feel that sense of accomplishment and success hand in hand.   It is not an easy road when you are starting your own business, but with all that I have learned both in the past and present and with all the schooling under my belt, I am confident that I will achieve my goal.   

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