Pamela Shipp '84


Program Area at Thompson School: Applied Business Management, Business Management

Year of graduation from TSAS: 1984

Further schooling after TSAS:  Rider University, Bachelor's Degree of Science in Commerce, 1987

Describe the best parts of your experience at Thompson School:

I really enjoyed the faculty at the Thompson School; especially Bill Scott.  He was an excellent motivator and champion for the students in his classes. I believe I took one of his classes on sales/selling, and at that point in my life I wanted to be the most successful salesperson in my chosen field. He encouraged all of his students to pursue their dreams and succeed. I cannot believe that he is still there 30 years later. He truly has a passion for what he does.

Describe what you liked best about UNH:

I loved everything about UNH including the campus, the fraternities, the activities that they offered (including all of the opportunities to study and work abroad) and the many interesting people that I met from all over the world including the faculty.

UNH made a lasting impression on my life.

When I graduated from the Thompson School with honors in 1984, my Mom wanted me to stay there. She wanted me to continue my studies at the Whittemore School of Business (WSBE) and receive my Bachelor's and possibly a MBA from UNH.  Unfortunately, I didn't heed her advice and transferred to another college. I regret that decision until this day.

Whenever I am skiing in New Hampshire, I always make it a point to visit UNH.

What are you doing in your life currently?

Since my graduation from the Thompson School in 1984 and Rider University in 1987, I have done everything from working for a Fortune 100 company upon graduation from Rider as a Client Development Specialist to working for several government contractors as a program analyst to having my own websites etc.

However, all of my life experiences including my struggle with bipolar disorder that began in college at age 20 made me into the person that I am today.

I just completed my Memoir entitled The Furnace of Affliction: Surviving Bipolar Disorder and landed a publishing contract. The book will be released July 14, 2017 and will be available in electronic and paperback formats on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. worldwide

How did the Thompson School help you get where you are today?

The Thompson School and UNH broadened my horizons and enriched my life in so many ways. It was one stop along my life's journey to get to where I am today, and make me the person that I am based on those experiences.

What are your goals for the future?

To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be an advocate and champion for the mentally ill, continue to write and influence those spheres of society that God leads me to.

Additional Comments:

I just want to thank everyone at the Thompson School and UNH for the privilege of attending such a fine institution.