Michael J. Carter '07

michael carter -1I entered the Surveying & Mapping program at the Thompson School in 2005 to accelerate a career change from engineering into surveying.   While most of the students in the classes during the first couple semesters were teenagers, there were several other “non-traditional” students who were starting college later in life or returning to college after having already completed degree programs.  We all found it to be a wonderful place to learn.  The faculty members were very available to students and were sincerely motivated to help us really understand the material.  The combination of classroom and outside lab courses they designed created a comprehensive learning experience and created a wonderful foundation for my 2nd career.  

I’m now adept at surveying methods ranging from transit & tape to 3D laser scanning.  There are currently 3 graduates from the T-School program in the survey division of my company (WSP) and I see many others at NH Land Surveyors conferences who are thriving in their surveying careers.  We all owe a lot to our time at the Thompson School.

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Michael J. Carter
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