Michael Brown '03

michael brownMichael Brown, a 2003 alumnus from the first graduating class of the Community Leadership program, prides himself on his experience in this one-of-a-kind program. The Community Leadership program, formerly known as the Community Service and Leadership (CSL) program back in 2003, taught Brown to challenge himself and to speak out in both verbal and written communication in the community. Michael Brown felt that his experience in the program “was designed to complement previous experiences and build on bridging together advocacy and community activism.”

The CoLead program allowed Brown to connect with dedicated professors like Kate Hanson and Tim Barretto, as well as receive guidance from them throughout his time at UNH. He enjoyed the small class sizes, which he feels “allowed for the cohort to really develop a connection with one another.” His time at UNH carries with him today. Being part of the first graduating class in the CoLead Program, Brown was originally nervous to step into this non-traditional program, but quickly learned that he was very welcomed into the community through his interactions with the CSL faculty and the help he received to ensure his academic success.

Following his graduation from the CSL program, Michael continued on at UNH to receive his Bachelor of Science in 2005 in Community Development. His success in the program led him to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he enrolled in the Masters of Social Work program at Eastern Michigan University, which he graduated from in 2009. He felt that the “CSL program taught me to see the confidence in my academic ability and to appreciate the academic and professional milestones along the way.” Michael also felt that the CoLead program allowed him to appreciate community engagement as well as the “power of grass roots organizing” and how both “serve as a catalyst of change within the micro and macro community settings.” 

Today, Michael Brown continues at Eastern Michigan University but as an Academic Advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences and serves as an adjunct lecturer for the School of Social Work. In the next year Brown is working to finish his requirements for a Clinical License exam but hopes that he will always continue with his personal mission of community engagement, which were the first steps in his success. 

Written by Emily Dickman and Leticia Denoya

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