Mark Nevin '92

MarkNevinThe Thompson School helped shape who I am and what I am doing today. My education in Horticultural Technology with a concentration in Ornamental Horticulture laid the foundation for me to become a teacher in my field.  But there were other leadership and interpersonal experiences I encountered at UNH that set me on the path to becoming the person and community leader I am now. 

The Thompson School was a great start for me.  I think the best part of my education there was having classes small enough that you got to know everyone in your class, as well as the teachers.  It was like one big family.  I also enjoyed the hands on learning because we had the opportunity to practice what we learned in the classroom in real world settings. 

Choosing UNH was an amazing choice.  It’s a great school because of all the opportunities it can offer.  It’s not overly big and you don’t get lost in classes, but it’s also big enough that you have so many opportunities.  The best opportunities I had while at UNH were becoming an Admissions Representation and President of the Student Executive Council.  Being part of these activities helped shape who I am today.  In short, they gave me the skills to become a teacher and a leader.  Before holding these positions, I never liked being in front of groups, talking to a lot of different people or being a leader.  I was satisfied being in the background.  But because I had to face my fears in college, I have been able to be comfortable in front of others, which enables me to be a teacher today.  In addition, learning to run committees and direct others has given me the skills to be a leader in my son’s scouting units and also be a coach.  If it wasn’t for being pushed in these directions by my teachers, I would never be doing the things I am today.

After graduating from the Thompson School in 1992, I went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Massachusetts with a minor in Plant and Soil Science.  I also received an Agricultural Education Teaching Certificate and finally a Master’s in Educational Technology, also from UMass. 

Currently I am teaching horticulture and forestry at a vocational school in western Massachusetts and have been for the past 14 years.  I am married and have two wonderful children that are active in many extracurricular activities.  Plus I am currently involved in many of their activities, from scouting to coaching. 

In the future I plan to continue to teach at the high school level at a vocational school.  In addition, I want to go back to school to take classes or get a CAGS in administration so I can further my education and be a better teacher for the youth in my community.  I will also continue to coach and be a scout leader.  I enjoy working with others and helping them along their journey as my teachers at the Thompson School did for me.

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