Landscape Horticulture Diploma Program

barton hall projectThe Thompson School has a program leading to a Diploma in Landscape Horticulture. This day program is open to part-time students who want to concentrate in landscaping and obtain a credential, but who are not matriculated in a degree program at the Thompson School or elsewhere within the University.

The UNH Thompson School is well-known for its strong career-oriented programs which provide a combination of theoretical classroom and practical in-the-field education. This Diploma Program in Landscape Horticulture draws upon these Thompson School strengths to prepare individuals for career entry-level employment in landscape design, construction, and maintenance. Students in this program will find their talents challenged and developed by a faculty concerned with student learning. Students will be able to apply the skills and knowledge they learn to a variety of settings. If a student is accepted for admission to the Thompson School Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Horticultural Technology, credits earned in the Diploma Program are transferable.

Course Requirements

The Diploma Program consists of 22 credit hours of courses taken in the Thompson School’s Horticultural Technology curriculum.

Core Requirements (12 credit hours):

HT 405 Plants, People and Place (2 cr.)
HT 415 Soils and Land Use (2 cr.)
HT 416 Soils and Plant Nutrition (2 cr.)
HT 434 Pest Management (4cr.)
HT 456 Horticultural Pruning (2 cr.)

Approved Electives (10 credit hours): selected from the following list:

HT 551 Intro to Design Communication (2 cr.)
HT 557 Woody Landscape Plants (3 cr.)
HT 458 Herbaceous Ornamental Plants (2 cr.)
HT 561 Grounds Maintenance (2 cr.)
HT 563 Landscape Construction (4 cr.)
HT 566 Garden Design and Culture (2 cr.)
HT 570 Grounds Management (2 cr.)
HT 572 Landscape Design Studio (4 cr.)

A Diploma in Landscape Horticulture will be awarded by The Thompson School of Applied Science upon successful completion of the required courses with an overall grade average of C (2.00) or better. A permanent academic record of courses completed at UNH will be maintained at the Registrar’s Office.

barton hall project -2Application Information

This program is designed for individuals who wish to broaden their Landscape Horticulture background or make a career change into the field of landscape design, construction and maintenance. Application is made through the Thompson School of Applied Science. Transfer of credits from other institutions should be discussed with the Horticultural Technology Diploma Program Advisor. Each student, once accepted into the program, will have a faculty advisor. Faculty advising includes program planning, career counseling, and information on transfer into the Thompson School’s Horticultural Technology Associate in Applied Science degree program. Students can register through Continuing Education.

Application Procedures

  • Currently enrolled UNH students should complete and return the application form before taking a third course in the program (at the latest).  Students may be enrolled concurrently in these courses while they are submitting their application for acceptance into the Diploma Program.
  • Non-UNH applicants need to complete and return application form with a $25 non-refundable application fee.  Checks should be made payable to UNH. The application fee is waived for currently enrolled UNH students.
  • Non-UNH Applicants must also request that their official transcripts from high school, GED equivalency, and any college programs be sent to Diploma Programs, Attention Senior Administrative Assistant, Thompson School of Applied Science, 34 Sage Way, Durham, NH  03824.
  • We recommend you set up an appointment for academic advising with our Horticultural Technology Curriculum faculty.  Please call (603) 862-1025 to schedule an appointment.
  • An interview with Thompson Scool's Executive Director is strongly suggested.  Please contact Regina Smick-Attisano at (603) 862-1025 to set up an interview.

>> UNH Student Diploma Program Application

>> Non-UNH Diploma Program Application

>> For more information click here: Landscape Horticulture Diploma Program.

    Transfer Credits

    Due to the small number of courses required for the diploma, normally only one course (up to 4 credit hours) will be accepted in transfer from other colleges. This course must be similar in content to a required diploma course, must be at least a 2-credit course, and must have been completed with a C (2.00) or better grade. Students who believe they have courses that might be transferable should discuss this with the Curriculum Chair in Horticultural Technology or with their assigned faculty advisor.