Hunter Picard '12

hunter picardAfter leaving UNH/Thompson School the job search was tough but I was eventually hired by Wichert Surveying in Manchester, but after 6months I was still a part time crew member and work was slowing down. So I began job searching again and came across an ad for an Instrument Operator position at WSP, currently one of the world’s largest design firms and still growing. The position advertised was already filled by the time I interviewed but they were so impressed with my resume and skill set that they offered me a better position at their main NY office in Briarcliff Manor which handles all their large jobs in New York City and Westchester County.

I will hopefully assume the role of either a party chief or project manager in next year or two but until then they're using me as the survey departments "Jack of all Trades" so to speak. I've been performing conventional surveying duties, 3D laser scanning, client management when necessary, lots of drafting, a little legal research, and since this particular office doesn't have a GIS department I've taken it upon myself to start setting things up which has already proven useful. Every day is different whether I'm in the office, on a construction site, in the woods, or up in a skyscraper. 

I couldn't ask for better experience or a better opportunity and I have the Thompson school and it's professors to thank for helping me get here. If I'm in a position responsible for hiring years down the road the Thompson school will be the first place I look. I hope all is well on your end.

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