Landscape Construction Management

HT-hardscapeWith its focus on making the world more habitable, pleasant, and sustainable, few fields offer as much satisfaction as landscaping. From private homes to industrial parks, the need for landscape design, construction, and maintenance abounds. Students who specialize in landscape design graduate with the technical ability, scientific expertise, creative insight, and problem-solving skills necessary to meet this need.

Alongside a solid foundation in general horticulture, students learn the fundamentals of landscape design, construction, and maintenance. Classroom theory and discussion find practical application in weekly laboratories and on-site visits to regional landscape operations.

Landscaping opportunities are on the rise. Graduates find positions ranging from entry-level to supervisory in private landscaping firms, garden centers, nurseries, golf courses, schools and colleges, hospitals, government complexes, parks, botanical gardens, and commercial businesses.

Many go on to launch their own landscape companies, while others continue their education toward a four-year degree in areas such as landscape architecture, parks and recreation, plant and soil science, environmental science, or business management.

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Professor and Program Chair of Horticultural Technology
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