Forest Technology Videos

Thompson School Forest Technology students practice tree
removal in the Arboriculture (FORT 464) course.

When you think about forests and New Hampshire, you probably think of the many
acres we have that are covered by dense forest.  After all, NH is the most forested
state in the country. However, we also have many acres of urban forest as well. 
These can be either individual trees or small patches of trees surrounding our
homes, businesses and public properties.  These urban forests are cared for by
Arborists.  Watch this video to see Forest Technology students in the
Arboriculture class in action.

Thanks to New Hampshire forest industry donors and to Caterpillar for their
generous support, the Forest Technology program has been able to purchase a new
Cat 564 Forwarder.   This machine will be used by our students in the Forest
Harvesting class as they learn how forest products are removed from the woods.
It will also be used by the UNH Office of Woodlands in the management of UNH's forested lands.

Making Maple Syrup with Forest Technology Professor, Matt Chagnon!