TSASsawmillForest Technology students have access to UNH's extensive 3,800 acres of woodlands where they will study and learn about forest habitats, sustainable management techniques and more.  Students will also spend time in the new UNH Sawmill where they will mill lumber from logs sustainably harvested from UNH land.  The sawmill features a state-of-the-art thin-kerf bandsaw with remarkably low energy inputs.  Field trips to local experts will also broaden student knowledge.  

Forest Technology students also spend time in the TSAS computer lab.  They will enter raw field data from their Forest Surveying course into the software and produce a finished boundary map.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software (ArcGIS Software) allows the students to build custom maps of a property that they are managing.  Layers of information, such as forest cover types, soils or surface water can be added to existing boundary maps.