CT-facilities1The Civil Technology program has an up-to-date Autocad (CAD)/Autodesk Lab, in Putnam Hall, available 24 hours a day to all students enrolled in the CT program.  The 2 seperate classrooms contain a combined 23 student desks with the newest available software that is updated every year.  The labs also contain GPS software, surveying software, several inkjet printers and a plotter for large-scale work. 


The Surveying and Mapping Laboratory, located in Putnam Hall, is a classroom with equipment lockers and is used primarily as a preparation area for weekly field lab assignments.  The Surveying and Mapping Equipment can outfit up to five lab teams of 3-4 students per team.  Students meet to get an overview of assignments that they read about earlier in the Lab Manual and to have any questions answered that they may have.  Then they gather the necessary equipment from their lockers and proceed to the field to accomplish their assigned task.  After returning from their lab assignment in the field, they replace all equipment, consolidate their notes and have any final questions answered.

CT-facilities3The Civil Technology program also utilizes the Agricultural Mechanization Lab in Putnam Hall. This multipurpose lab provides well-equipped facilities for welding, engine failure analysis and overhaul, the study of building science, residential construction and residential electricity. The facility contains welding booths with power supplies for GMAW, SMAW as well as GTAW processes. Wiring booths provide students with hands-on experience where they apply what they have learned in National Electrical Code by installing many of the common circuits used in residential construction. Precision measuring, valve and valve seat grinding equipment as well as other necessary hand and power tools afford the students an opportunity to bring one of their own engines back to factory specifications.