Career Paths

CAN-careersBaking & Pastry Arts

  • Baker in diverse environments including commercial, retail, restaurants, hotels, catering operations
  • Entrepreneurs in small businesses.

Culinary Arts

In addition to the traditional roles as entry-level chefs, graduates of the Culinary Arts concentration may find career opportunities as:

  • Full Service Restaurants - Overseeing the kitchen and cooking for restaurant patrons.
  • Food and Beverage Managers in restaurants
  • Hotels - Many hotels have dining rooms and restaurants.
  • Culinary Educators for colleges and culinary schools
  • Research and Development for manufacturers developing new foods or product lines
  • Hospitals, Retirement Centers, Corporations as chefs
  • Personal chef for individuals or families.
  • Food Critics and Writers for magazines or news organizations
  • Food Stylists for magazines, books, catalogs and advertising.