Bryan Dwyer '07

bryan dwyerBryan Dwyer, a 2007 graduate of the Community Leadership program, is now a significant leader in New Hampshire. As a Program Manager for City Year New Hampshire, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing the dropout rate in schools, Bryan manages the relationship between two elementary schools in the Manchester School District and the City Year volunteers who mentor and tutor students in these schools. He uses many of the skills he learned in the Community Leadership program, such as working with people with a variety of backgrounds and communicating with them on a personal and professional level. Bryan interacts with people from age six to eighty-six every day. Speaking to a wide range of audiences is a skill that is highly encouraged in the Community Leadership program, and Bryan credits a great deal of his speaking success to the Thompson School and its professors. 

Bryan volunteered with City Year for a year before attending UNH and being promoted to Program Manager. He values how helpful the Community Leadership professors were to him upon his return to school after his year of service.  He says that the professors were interested in “shaping my education to what I wanted it to be.” He recalls how his professors always kept his interests in mind. The professors he had in the Community Leadership program really helped him by assisting in the process of finding his internship with the UNH Cooperative Extension. He was also given leadership opportunities through class projects, such as creating and presenting awards to people doing good in the community.

Bryan describes his time at the Thompson School, and UNH as a whole, as a great experience. He came from a small town in New Hampshire to the large university, but the small class sizes at the Thompson School, the classes being relevant to his goals, and experiential learning provided him with a “family feel.”  All of these factors helped integrate him from his small town to feeling at home at the university where he continued to earn a bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Community Planning.

Bryan hopes to someday run his own small business and believes that his time at the Thompson School and UNH has helped him personally and professionally in making that an obtainable goal. Furthermore, Bryan’s true desire is to continue to be an involved member of the community and engaged citizen, wherever he is. These ideas were polished during his time in the Community Leadership program.

Written by Andrew Schafer

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