Brian Reed '07

Active in his Community

Brian ReedBrian Reed, a 2007 graduate of the Community Leadership program, is currently using the skills he learned at the Thompson School while working as a paraprofessional in the Exeter Alternative High School program. The program was created in 1997 and is designed to help prevent “at risk” students from dropping out of their classes. The students come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of needs. Brian’s role is to help teachers with classroom work, run classes when needed, deal with disciplinary issues, and mentor students. Brian is sincerely devoted to all his students and makes it his mission to become a positive role model for them.

Though Brian’s work can be stressful, it does not stop him from taking on new activities after work. He is very active in his hometown of Epping, New Hampshire, where he has served on three different town boards since 2006. Currently, he is a member on the Epping School Board. Brian's biggest motivation to become active in his community came from his time working on his associate's degree in the Community Leadership program. Professor Kate Hanson played a big role in urging Brian to become more active and set goals, one of which was to give back to his community through youth mentoring. Brian joined the Epping Recreation Commission during the second semester of his first year in the program, and he also interned at the Dover Teen Center. Immediately, Brian knew that he enjoyed working with teenagers. So naturally, when he graduated from the Thompson School, he joined the AmeriCorps Vista program. Americorps assigned him to work in a nonprofit organization called PlusTimeNH, which had him serve his year of commitment with the Epping Recreation Department. There, he helped create and implement programs for youth.

Brian credits the Community Leadership program as well as Professors Kate Hanson and Tim Barretto for providing him with the opportunity to learn important communication and management skills that he can use in his career. Tim and Kate also challenged Brian constantly by showing him that there was always room for improvement. Kate inspired Brian and his classmates from their first semester at the Thompson School by having them become the very first class to team up with the Waysmeet Community Center to conduct the holiday food basket drive. The following year Brian became one of Kate's teaching assistants and helped her Community Leadership students conduct the second food basket drive. He became so passionate about the University of New Hampshire that be became a residential assistant, where he ran activities and provided a safe but fun college community in his dorm. Brian is extremely thankful for the lessons he has learned at the Thompson School and will continue to apply those lessons throughout his life as he plans for the future.

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