Andy Schafer '11

andy schaferAndy Schafer is a 2011Community Leadership graduate and world traveler.  Andy is currently working towards a double major in International Affairs and Political Science—while minoring in Middle Eastern Studies and serving as President of the Model United Nations Club at UNH.

The Community Leadership program at the Thompson School provided Andy with a hands-on approach to learning, which allowed him to be submerged within the program.  It gave him the confidence to drive forward in future pursuits. Andy says that “Getting the opportunities to lead fellow classmates and other community members in projects taught me what it really takes to be an active member of a community and stay engaged.”  It was a perfect transition into his current work. 

Through his time in the Community Leadership program he met some amazing people that soon became “role models and mentors.”  He felt that his teachers and peers helped him with anything he needed without hesitation, allowing him to flourish in the program.  Andy continues to stay in contact with his former professors, particularly Kate Hanson and Tim Barretto, and keeps them up to date on everything he’s been doing.

UNH as a whole has shown Andy that there are endless resources and help around every corner, whether he knows the relevant individuals or not.  “I continuously find myself reaching out to professors I have never met and their response is like I had known them my whole life,” he says. He raves about how helpful the faculty of UNH are, how much they’ve helped him, and how you just need to be willing to get out there and ask.  He reaches out to old professors for help on papers and projects, utilizing all that he can to be the best he can be.

Traveling the world to Andy is something that is a necessity.  He received a scholarship last summer to study abroad, which in turn brought him to Jordan. He has quite the passion for the Middle East and politics, and in addition to majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Middle Eastern Studies, he is deeply immersed in his third year of Arabic. In time, he hopes to continue his travels to Brazil as well.

With Andy working towards his double major he hopes to pursue his studies in Arabic by submerging himself right into the heart of it by going back to the Middle East.  Eventually, he hopes to work for U.S. Government in some way, whether it’s through the Department of State, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, or USAID.  He hopes to participate in creating relationships with other parts of the world with the goal of bringing people together.  Andy has something that many others strive for: the passion for learning.  He doesn’t let much stop him—if he has an issue or a question, he asks for help. With these outstanding leadership qualities, chances are excellent he'll reach his goal of working for the U.S. Government in the Middle East in the not-too-distant future.

Written by James Coenen and Greyson Carman

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