Rachel Goding '22

"All foods fit!"
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Rachel Goding is a nutrition major in the nutrition and wellness option from Warick, Rhode Island. She is minoring in culinary nutrition and food studies.

COLSA: What is your nutrition option and why did you choose it as your major?

Rachel Goding: I chose the nutrition and wellness option because I’m super passionate about community engagement, and I wanted to learn more about how nutrition impacts the other dimensions of wellness.

COLSA: Why, in your own view, is nutrition important?

Rachel: Nutrition is important because it connects us to one another and it is such a vital component of our physical and mental health.

COLSA: What do you love about the nutrition program at UNH?

Rachel: There are so many opportunities to explore! I was able to study abroad, participate in research, and get involved in internships/field experiences throughout my 4 years.

COLSA: What do you plan to do with your degree?

Rachel: To help combat food insecurity in the surrounding communities and to teach young adults about the importance of overall wellness at an impressionable age.

COLSA: If you could offer one bit of nutrition advice, what would it be?

Rachel: All foods fit!

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