On the right path
Madeleine Clement is a biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology major who received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) to spend the summer 2022 investigating novel treatments for a rare type of skin cancer called Merkel Cell Carcinoma.
Discovering her passion for cancer research
Evie Proctor, a double major in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology and justice studies from Marlborough, N.H., says UNH was the only school she applied to because it was the only school she wanted to attend.
Reaching new heights, both academically and personally
Grace Higgins is a double major in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology and music. She is one of 17 COLSA students to receive a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in 2022.
Learning How to Protect Our Natural Resources
Isabelle Lopez is a wildlife and conservation biology major with a geospatial analysis minor who received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) to study the use of drones to monitor and protect natural resources. 
Already an Accomplished Researcher
Hannah Manning is a biomedical science: medical and veterinary sciences major with a double minor in classics and zoology and is the recipient of their second Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF).
On the Pre-Veterinary Track
Maggie Hayes is an animal science major from Newmarket, N.H. who recently won a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF).
Preparing for a career protecting vulnerable ecological communities
A passion for wildlife and its habitats has been propelling Grace McCulloch out of bed very early this summer. On weekday mornings, Grace wakes at 3:30 a.m. and heads to one of the many sites in New Hampshire where she’s studying the birds that depend on the climate-change-threatened saltmarsh...
A Rising Tide? The role of social networks for women oyster farmers in Maine and New Hampshire
Natalie Lord is pursuing her master’s degree in environmental conservation and sustainability and plans to apply her skills and knowledge to a career in marine science management.
Learning how to use solutions-based research to protect oceans
Kennedy McGrath is a dual major in marine, estuarine and freshwater biology and sustainability with a minor in marine policy. Kennedy conducts research on marine plastic pollution, and she is currently being mentored by Taja Sims-Harper, a doctoral candidate in the marine biology Ph.D. program.
Microplastics and marine life in Great Bay
Taja Sims-Harper is a doctoral student in the marine biology Ph.D. program. She conducts research on microplastics in oysters and other marine life in Great Bay in the lab of Bonnie Brown, professor of ecological genetics and the chair of the department of biological sciences.
Pre-Professional Health Programs Advisor
Melissa Mellor, COLSA’s pre-professional health programs advisor, joined COLSA in 2019. She loves working with UNH’s pre-health students and helping them design a plan to maximize their success and achieve their goals.
Creating meaningful and positive changes within the marine ecosystem
Lauren McDowell’s passion for conservation and for studying and working with marine life led her to the University of New Hampshire – a top tier...