An opportunity to conduct research that’s important and personal
Nicole Benjamin ’24 is a genetics major who is spending the summer as a research assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
A summer internship working with wild animals
Wildlife and conservation biology major Lydia Rheinhardt ’24 answers a few questions about her summer internship at the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Massachusetts.
Prepared for Success
Ryan Fleury ’23 is a forestry major with a minor in geospatial analysis. COLSA: Why did you choose UNH? Ryan Fleury: I choose UNH because it is the state school for New Hampshire, and I had heard good things about the education it provides. COLSA: What's your major and why did you choose it? Ryan...
UNH Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center
Jon Whitehouse, manager of the Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center, has spent close to four decades running this conventional dairy farm and research center located at the University of New Hampshire.
An Undeclared Student Finds the Perfect Fit
Makayla Edgecomb is a community and environmental planning major with minors in environmental conservation and sustainability and business administration. In 2021, Makayla won the merit-based Granite State Development Corporation scholarship, which covered her tuition, room and board costs for her...
A Veteran Chooses UNH for Experiential Learning Opportunities
Meet Torin Scalora-Riley, an Armed Forces veteran studying ways to mitigate climate change impacts. He is majoring in environmental science with a minor in outdoor adventure recreation. Aside from his academic pursuits, Torin is planning to climb Mount Rainier in Washington in June 2023 to raise...
Hands-On Experiences Made All the Difference
Liza Balet '23 is a wildlife and conservation biology major and animal science minor from Ballston Spa, N.Y.
UNH Office of Woodlands & Natural Areas
UNH woodlands manager Steve Eisenhaure ’97 oversees the Office of Woodlands and Natural Areas, teaches forest management at UNH and has been recognized for his work supporting and advancing New England’s forestry industry.
Behavioral Effects of Ocean Acidification and Warming
UNH marine biology student Todd Selling studies potential behavioral changes that the American lobster may experience as a result of ocean acidification and ocean warming.
CODE RED examines climate and biodiversity crisis
A specimen from the Albion R. Hodgdon Herbarium at UNH is being featured in the Maine Historical Society's exhibit CODE RED: Climate, Justice & Natural History Collections. The flora was collected in 1893 by Kate Furbish, whose many...
Anna Wallingford, Research Assistant Professor
Anna Wallingford looks at the potential success of mixing the feeding stimulant with insecticides to attract and target only pest insects rather than spraying broader insecticides.
Anna Wallingford
Anna Wallingford evaluates the effectiveness of biopesticides and natural aphid predators to systematically assess the effectiveness of the alternative IPM methods.