Dr. Anissa Poleatewich, Martina Florian, Isabella Borrero
Dr. Anissa Poleatewich and her team test wood-peat substrate blends products for their impact on root rot disease in edible and floriculture crops.
Dr. Iago Hale
Dr. Iago Hale runs the Kiwiberry Research and Breeding Program, which investigates the commercial potential of the underutilized kiwiberry.
Dr. Becky Sideman
Dr. Becky Sideman tests and evaluates different winter protection strategies and varieties to help New Hampshire farmers and gardeners enjoy regionally grown figs.
Dr. Tom Davis
Dr. Tom Davis evaluates strawberry and quinoa’s locally adapted, weedy relatives that may be interbred to adapt and improve the crop’s productivity and resilience in this region.
New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station
COLSA and NHAES finish carpenter Curtis Johnson got his start working in construction and carpentry in the New Hampshire seacoast area in 1987. In 2007, he joined COLSA as a part-time carpenter. Now, on any given day, you’ll likely find him engaged in a new task around campus, whether it’s breaking...
Dr. Lise Mahoney
Dr. Lise Mahoney studies how new strawberry varieties can improve the fruit and ornamental value to growers and increase organic seed choices.
New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station
NHAES research project manager Catherine Armstrong began working at UNH as an accountant in 2013. During that time, she became familiar with federal grant funding programs, including those run by the USDA’s...
Organic Dairy Research Farm
Isagani Kimball, assistant farm manager of the Organic Dairy Research Farm (ODRF), started farming in his hometown of Kensington, N.H., at age 8. Attending UNH from 2006–2010 for a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, Isagani learned he...
Mangrove Habitat Restoration
Nia Jeffers research area is mangrove habitat restoration and management with a focus in mangrove restoration methodology.
Hands-on environmental studies for U.S. students
Ecology, sustainability, and environmental science were the focus of a special visit by EcoQuest’s international students to the Ramsar wetland at Pūkorokoro Miranda on 28 October 2022.
Texas Coastal Fisheries and Extreme Events
Ana Silverio uses long-term independent and dependent fisheries catch data from Texas Parks and Wildlife and quantitative tools to look at how extreme events affect coastal fish populations along the Texas Gulf Coast.
UNH Woodman & Kingman Farms
Mark Trabold, assistant farm manager of UNH's Woodman Horticultural Research and Kingman Research farms,...