Integrative Biology (Ph.D.) Spotlight

Quantitative Biology Education
Faith Frings is interested in developing methods for increasing quantitative literacy in biology courses at the undergraduate level.
Designing Poplar and Willow plants for increased Nitrogen and Carbon assimilation and Biomass yield
Medini Weerasinghe's research focuses on producing transgenic plants of poplar with genes that regulate polyamine biosynthesis.
Poplar gene regulation
Sanchari Kundu's research looks at modulating the activity of polyamine pathway and over expressing the SPDS and mODC genes to study the growth of stem, leaves, roots, chlorophyll content.
Biology education
Daniel Mitchell studies the persistence and retention of undergraduate biology students with a special focus on high-impact learning practices, supports/barriers, and transfer students.
Genetic and neuro-physiologcial impacts of noise on invertebrates
Jessica Brigg's research uses a systematic approach to test the neurological, behavioral, and endocrine response of female Australian black field crickets under unfavorable acoustic conditions.
From First-Gen College Student to Accomplished Scientist and Professor
Easton White is an assistant professor in COLSA’s department of biological sciences, and he runs the Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab.
Solving the puzzle of complex animal sociality
Wyatt Shell recently earned his doctoral degree in integrative and organismal biology following the successful defense of his dissertation, "Behavioral and genetic mechanisms of social evolution: Insights from incipiently and facultatively social bees."
Dept. Faculty Offer Cheers and Good Wishes
The Department of Biological Sciences wants to make sure all its 2020 graduates know that the faculty are thinking of them as they celebrate their achievements and look forward to what's next.
A Goodbye, a Surprise Hello and an Unexpected Honor
In May, botanical sciences professor Alan (Al) Baker retired after 47 years at UNH, and the department of biological sciences threw Baker a retirement party that included a surprise guest.
The Joy of Discovery
Wyatt Shell ‘20G is poised to have a big impact on our understanding of bee sociality.