NHAES Macfarlane Greenhouse Research Spotlight

Dr. Anissa Poleatewich, Liza DeGenring
Dr. Anissa Poleatewich and her team examine chitosan, a natural derivative of chitin, and its potential as a promising bio-stimulant and plant disease suppressant.
Dr. Anissa Poleatewich, Martina Florian, Isabella Borrero
Dr. Anissa Poleatewich and her team test wood-peat substrate blends products for their impact on root rot disease in edible and floriculture crops.
Dr. Iago Hale
Dr. Iago Hale runs the Kiwiberry Research and Breeding Program, which investigates the commercial potential of the underutilized kiwiberry.
Dr. Becky Sideman
Dr. Becky Sideman tests and evaluates different winter protection strategies and varieties to help New Hampshire farmers and gardeners enjoy regionally grown figs.