Dr. Stuart Grandy The ability to transform abundant atmospheric nitrogen (N) into reactive forms that enhance crop production has been one of the most stunning and double-edged developments in human history. The vast amount of N added has substantially increased...
Dr. Tom Davis The proposed project has two closely intertwined goals: 1) the development of new, environmentally resilient crop options for regional growers in New England (NE); and 2) the development of previously unrecognized natural resources: the wild and...
Dr. Analena Bruce For the past several decades in New England, there has been a decline in midsized farms that can support a household income. The bifurcation of agriculture into very small farms that rely on non-farm revenue and large farms that supply global...
Published research, an industry in peril
Mary Kate Munley '21 is a marine, estuarine and freshwater biology major who was one of the authors of a recently published study about the impact of “red tides” on...
VIDEO: A Student Learns About a Life-Changing Award
Watch Makayla Edgecomb ’23 learn that she's been chosen to receive a new scholarship that will cover the full cost of her tuition, room and board, fees and other expenses for the remaining three years of her undergraduate career at UNH.
2020 Educator of the Year
COLSA alumnus Steve Roberge '03 has been named 2020 "Educator of the Year" by Cheshire County Conservation District in New Hampshire. This award recognizes his efforts to steward a conservation ethic and awareness through his personal and professional work.
Working with Stakeholders Across NH to Protect Wildlife Habitats
Haley Andreozzi graduated from UNH in 2013 with a master’s degree in natural resources: wildlife and conservation biology. She is now the wildlife outreach program manager at UNH Extension.
Protecting Wildlife in New Hampshire
Pat Tate graduated from UNH in 1999 with a degree in wildlife and in 2007 with a master’s degree in natural resources: wildlife. He is now a wildlife biologist with NH Fish & Game.
Land Conservation and Sustainable Lumber Harvesting
Katrina (Papanastassiou) Amaral earned both her bachelor’s degree in zoology and her master’s degree in natural resources: wildlife and conservation biology from UNH. She is now the executive director of Bear-Paw Regional Greenways, a land conservation nonprofit.
Success is in the Details
Soleha Patel ‘21 is a biomedical science: medical and veterinary sciences major from Mumbai, India. Her involvement in COVID-19 testing on UNH's campus has given her valuable exposure to the American healthcare system.
Being a Part of the Solution
Nathaniel Lemai is a biology major from Hampton, New Hampshire.
UNH Researchers Detect Heavy Pollution on Martha's Vineyard
UNH researchers have found high levels of dangerous toxins from cyanobacteria in many of the freshwater, brackish and saltwater ponds on Martha's Vineyard, prompting concern among Island health and water quality experts.