Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems Spotlight

Hard work and passion lead to success
Ashley Bruns '19 believes in the value of goals. "Set goals for yourself," she says. "And when you achieve them, set more."
Senior looks ahead to veterinary school and a career helping animals
Rachel Friedland is currently deciding which veterinary school she’d like to attend following her graduation in May, 2019.
Recent grad didn’t go far to find a rewarding job
Pete Kane ’18 started managing the Farm to You NH high tunnels and half-acre field adjacent to the Fairchild Dairy in 2016, while he was still an undergrad.
Students work together to prepare for the big event
UNH hosted the USEA/USEF-recognized horse trials on Saturday, September 29, and Sunday, September 30. This is UNH's 47th year hosting the trials.
Students volunteer at NEDA for team fundraiser
A group of riders from the UNH equestrian team recently volunteered at the New England Dressage Association (NEDA) Fall Festival of Dressage at HITS Saugerties in New York as part of a team fundraiser.
Accomplished researcher and educator brings strong background in sustainable farming systems
Find out what David Mortensen thinks about his new role at COLSA, what lead him to his career as a researcher and educator, and why finding sustainable ways to feed the world is more important than ever.
Advisor: Dr. Andre F. Brito Research Topic: Applied Nutrition in Dairy Cows Yu(Patrick) Zang, a graduate student of Dr. Brito, is from the northeastern coastal city Qingdao in China. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Kentucky and received his master's degree from West...
Advisor: Dr. J. Brent Loy Research Topic: Vegetative melon grafting for season extension I grew up on a NH farm and have a deep connection to the earth and wholesome food. I obtained my A.S. in Culinary Arts from Strafford University in VA, and after working in the preparation side of food for 20...
Hydroponic plant production allows plants to be grown in a nutrient water solution, where the nutrients are derived from chemical fertilizers. Aquaponics is similar as the plants are grown in water rather than soil, but the nutrients are derived naturally from fish waste. My research is looking at...
Why did you choose UNH? Although I loved my home in California, I wanted to branch out and live somewhere new, at least for a while. I applied all over the states, but UNH struck a chord with me. The deciding factor when choosing UNH was the equine program. When touring schools, there were programs...
Haylee Colannino '17 was called out for her carrot cake at the 2016 Student Awards Presentation. OK, not only for her carrot cake. Actually, the cake was only a quick mention in a long list of impressive accolades. But apparently it’s very good.
One of Dr. Todd Guerdat's new "recirculating farm greenhouses," which will be used for farm-scale research with aquaponic systems at UNH Kingman Research Farm. They will...