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  1. Faculty Handbook: Incompletes

    Students are responsible for completing all course work by the last day of classes. In the event a student wants an extension of time, he/she must request permission to take an incomplete in place of a grade with the approval of the instructor....

  2. UNH Faculty Excellence 2017: Bill McDowell

    Thursday, November 9, 2017 Professor McDowell has recieved the Distinguished Professor Award ...

  3. Faculty Handbook: Financial Aid

    Students needing or requesting financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office in Stoke Hall. They may qualify for loans, grants, or college work study....

  4. Faculty Handbook: Part-Time Students

  5. Faculty Handbook: Certification for Graduation

    The Registrar's Office automatically issues a degree analysis on every student in a degree program who has accumulated 80 credit hours. The Analysis will indicate all of the General Education courses taken by the student and the categories they...

  6. Faculty Handbook: Dual Degree and Second Major Options

  7. Faculty Handbook: Senior Residence Requirement

  8. Faculty Handbook: Late Registration Fee

    The Registrar is responsible for administering this fee and is authorized to waive the fee for valid reasons. There is a special petition form used for this process which can be obtained from the Registrar's Office.

  9. Faculty Handbook: Freshman English Requirement

    Students may satisfy the Freshman English requirement of the University in the following ways:...

  10. Faculty Handbook: Waiver of University Discovery Program or General Education Requirements