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  1. UNH Faculty Excellence 2017: Bill McDowell

    Thursday, November 9, 2017 Professor McDowell has recieved the Distinguished Professor Award ...

  2. Faculty Handbook: Honors

  3. Faculty Handbook: Undeclared Students

    Students in Life Sciences and Agriculture may be undeclared during their freshman year. The Academic Counselor in the Dean's Office will act as advisors to the undeclared students. A major may be selected at any time during the freshman year,...

  4. Faculty Handbook: Minors

  5. Faculty Handbook: Grades and Posting Grades

    Semester and cumulative grade point averages appear on students' transcripts for UNH courses only. The GPA is computed by dividing the sum of UNH grade points by GPA hours (UNH credits attempted)....

  6. Faculty Handbook: Procedure for Change of Major/Change of College

  7. Faculty Handbook: Incompletes

    Students are responsible for completing all course work by the last day of classes. In the event a student wants an extension of time, he/she must request permission to take an incomplete in place of a grade with the approval of the instructor....

  8. Faculty Handbook: Financial Aid

    Students needing or requesting financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office in Stoke Hall. They may qualify for loans, grants, or college work study....

  9. Faculty Handbook: Part-Time Students

  10. Molecular Genetics Faculty