Research Opportunity: Xuanmao Chen

We have a couple of research opportunities for undergraduates to acquire research expertise and experience in the field of neuroscience. The experimental approaches include electrophysiology, mouse behavioral analysis, immunohistochemistry, imaging, and molecular and cellular biology. We are dedicated to revealing the mysteries of primary cilium. Primary cilia have long been considered as remnant organelles but recently have emerged as a novel research field with great potential and broad therapeutic implications. They have a wide spectrum of physiological functions varying from cellular locomotion, sensations and development to energy balance and mechanosensation. Defects of primary cilia lead to a range of diseases that include sensory defects, obesity, diabetes, infertility, polycystic kidney disease, liver disease, developmental abnormality, intellectual disability and mental disorders (collectively coined ciliopathies). Currently our lab focuses on studying the cAMP signaling in neuronal primary cilia. We first aim to determine how type III adenylyl cyclase (AC3) at neuronal primary cilia affects neuronal function and tease out how defects of AC3 lead to major depression and obesity. We are also interested in unraveling the contributions of primary cilia in neurodegeneration and brain aging. 

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Mao Chen by phone: 603 862 4542 or email:

Start Date: 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Work Type: 
For Credit
Thesis Project
Research Areas: