Shadi Atallah

Phone: (603) 862-3233
Office: Natural Resources & the Environment, James Hall Rm G68, Durham, NH 03824

I study the economics of managing natural and agricultural resources at the plant, field, and landscape levels; teach future applied economists and resource managers the principles and tools for making economic decisions about managed and natural resources; and make recommendations to growers, landowners, and policymakers concerning the private, collective, and policy actions that can lead to economically optimal management of resources.

My research encompasses agricultural, resource, and environmental economics, and I specialize in the field of bioeconomics, which is the study of economic management of biological resources. In my primary research, I use the bioeconomic framework to study the management of economically damaging or beneficial organisms in agriculture, forestry, and agroforestry systems. I specifically study the bioeconomics of managing pests, diseases, invasive species, and pollinators over time within and across properties. In my secondary research, I study the economics of food system localization.


  • Ph.D., Applied Economics, Cornell University
  • MENGR, Agricultural Sciences (Diplôme d'Ingénieur Agronome), Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
  • M.S., Plant Science, American Univ of Beirut
  • M.S., Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California
  • B.S., Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

Research Interests

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Bioeconomics
  • Ecosystems
  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Courses Taught

  • EREC 760/860: Ecological-Economic Modeling
  • NR 643: Economics of Forestry

Selected Publications

Atallah, S. S., Gómez, M. I., & Jaramillo, J. (2018). A Bioeconomic Model of Ecosystem Services Provision: Coffee Berry Borer and Shade-grown Coffee in Colombia. Ecological Economics, 144, 129-138. doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2017.08.002

Atallah, S. S., Gómez, M. I., & Conrad, J. M. (2017). Specification of Spatial-Dynamic Externalities and Implications for Strategic Behavior in Disease Control. Land Economics, 93(2), 209-229. doi:10.3368/le.93.2.209

Atallah, S. S., Gómez, M. I., Conrad, J. M., & Nyrop, J. P. (2015). A Plant‐Level, Spatial, Bioeconomic Model of Plant Disease Diffusion and Control: Grapevine Leafroll Disease. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97(1), 199-218. doi:10.1093/ajae/aau032