Filip Thurston

Phone: (603) 862-3919
Office: Thompson School of Applied Science, Putnam Hall Rm 10, Durham, NH 03824

I joined the Thompson School faculty in January of 2012. Previously I taught at Plymouth State University for three years while earning an M.Ed in Teaching Writing. For my B.A. program, I earned an honors degree in Professional Writing & Communication Studies from York University in Toronto.

I throw out the “teach to the middle” mentality because communication skills are impossible to assess on a linear scale. I firmly believe that anyone can be a great communicator, but the challenge with college writing courses is that all students enter with different levels of skill and understanding. I like to say to my students that “most of your progress will be guided by what is written in the margins of your drafts.” With those means, my end is to try and meet every student where they are and build on what they are already doing well as opposed to merely where they struggle.

Lastly, I always strive to design courses relevant to both students’ academic lives and the world around them, so content is always changing and I am constantly adopting new technologies conducive to growth.


  • M.Ed., English/Eng Ed, Plymouth State University
  • B.A., Communications, York College

Courses Taught

  • COM 209: Expository Writing and Reading
  • COM 210: Public Speaking
  • COM 292: Stdy/Rsrch & Pres Music Prod
  • SSCI 202: Social Issues