Allison Powers

Phone: (603) 862-1911
Office: Thompson School of Applied Science, Barton Hall Rm 204A, Durham, NH 03824

My formal field of study and passion is Anthrozoology. This is a challenging, multidisciplinary field that studies and actively works to define and understand the complexities of human-animal relationships and interactions. Understanding these complexities is a necessity for any student pursuing a career that intersects with other species; human or otherwise. This especially holds true in the companion animal care concentration. After all, they are the animals we most often have contact with and more often than not, there will be a human attached.

My greatest teaching challenge is making students aware of their own human-animal perceptions. Additionally, my goals are to help animal care professionals develop critical thinking skills and tools to employ in their interactions well past graduation.

Foremost, I’d like to laughingly state interspecies communication followed by the more traditional areas of; companion animal behavior, health, welfare, and protection.

Additionally, most of our highly, specialized classes are small in size and it is very enjoyable to teach in a setting that allows professional relationships to develop and last beyond the classroom.

Interests and Hobbies:
Exploring and experiencing different cultures and places are one of my greatest pleasures. Especially, with my husband. Excluding the time we visited a place that kept potbelly pigs outside after I insisted all our foster pigs must live in the house.


  • M.S., Anthrozoology, Cansius College
  • Certificate, Veterinary/Animal Health Tech., New Hampshire Technical Colleg

Courses Taught

  • AAS 218: Careers in Small Animal Care
  • AAS 225: Canine Learning Theory & Appl
  • AAS 279: Small Animal Care Practicum
  • AAS 418: Careers in Small Animal Care
  • AAS 428: Anat\Physiol Lab AAS
  • AAS 430: Small Animal Breeds & Behavior
  • AAS 439: Fund Animal Health Lab AAS
  • AAS 449: Clin Animal Nursing Tech I
  • AAS 451: Human/Animal Bond
  • AAS 525: Canine Learning Theory & Appl
  • AAS 577: Canine Practicum
  • AAS 579: Small Animal Care Practicum
  • AAS 591: Stdy/Advanced Dog Behavior
  • AAS 592: Stdy/Human Animal Bond
  • AAS 597: Work Experience/Small Animal
  • TSAS 495: Thompson School:Special Topics