Research Facilities

Research Facilities

Basic and Applied Spatial Analysis Lab (BASAL)Basal Lab

The department has a lab dedicated to geospatial analysis, remote sensing, and GIS run by Dr. Russell Congalton. The lab includes state of the art computers, a plotter for printing graduate research posters, and other equipment used for image analysis and spatial data manipulation.

New Hampshire Water Resource Research Center NH Water Resource Research Center

The New Hampshire Water Resource Research Center (WRRC), serves as a focal point for research and information on water issues in the state and region, and is housed in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.

Earth Sysytems Research Center Earth Systems Research Center

The Earth Systems Research Center graduate education and research programs cross the boundaries of traditional scientific disciplines, offering a broader approach to global and regional environmental change from both scientific and policy perspectives, with opportunities for students to work alongside distinguished faculty in high-level research projects.

Jackson Estuarine Laboratory Jackson Lab

The Jackson Estuarine Laboratory features well-equipped facilities for conducting research related to marine science. The laboratory also provides diverse education opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to learn research and analytical skills.