Soil and Water Resource Management

Natural Resources and the Environment offers a master of science degree in natural resources with an option in soil and water resource management. Typical preparation for this option is a major in biology, environmental science, chemistry, or geology. Most students have some coursework in biological sciences, especially ecology; chemistry; math (calculus and statistics are ideal); and geology.

The program for the soil and water resource management option is not prescribed; there are no specific course requirements beyond those that apply to all graduate options in natural resources. Typically, students take

NR 803, Watershed Management

NR 811, Wetland Ecology and Management

NR 851, Aquatic Ecosystems

ESCI 805, Principles of Hydrology

ESCI 710, Groundwater Hydrology

and courses relevant to their interest in water resources in consultation with his/her advisor and thesis committee. The thesis forms the core of the degree, and is expected to produce a publishable study in some area of water resources.

Graduates of the program are employed in private industry, the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey, state environmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

Faculty areas of research:

  • ecosystem ecology
  • watershed management
  • wetlands
  • land-water interactions
  • groundwater chemistry
  • biogeochemistry

Questions? Contact:

William H. McDowell, Ph.D.

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Thomas D. Lee, Ph.D.

Graduate Program Coordinator, Associate Professor
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Wendy F. Rose

Academic Department Program Manager
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