Graduate Student Profile Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook, M.S. StudentWildcat Statue

Natural Resources: Soil and Water Resource Management

Advisor: Dr. Wil Wollheim

Research Topic: Nitrogen Mobilization during Storms with different Land use

Rivers and streams play an important role in the export of nitrogen (N) from a watershed, but most of anthropogenic N is not exported from watersheds and it is unclear why. N is mobilized from various sources within the watershed, most of which are anthropogenically driven. Excess N can have detrimental effects on downstream ecosystems, creating zones of anoxia and eutrophication in coastal areas. N exports from watersheds occur during both baseflow and storm flow. Baseflows occur during a majority of the year, but storm flows may dominate in term of annual N flux. Baseflow N flux is well documented in many different streams and rivers. In contrast, drivers of N flux during storms have received much less attention. Storms can mobilize large amounts of N in a very short amount of time. Flux varies however depending on storm characteristics, land use and season. The goal of this study is to identify the drivers for N transport during multiple storms across multiple land uses and seasons. (E.g. urban, agricultural, forested)